10 Places To Eat For Students Without Breaking The Bank (UK)

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It will be shocking to hear that even in such financially difficult days, some places around England still offer cheap and affordable dining-out options for students. The creator from dissertation help said, if you are a student living in the UK, all you need is sharp eyes to look for food that will prove to be the best eating out option for you.

Because studying at a university in the UK is itself enough to tire a person, that there is no strength left to cook. So, the quickest and easiest option is to pick up something on your way back to your home or dorm.

So, if you can't seem to find perfectly healthy yet affordable food options, this guide is for you.

10 Affordable Places For Students

We have some amazing recommendations for affordable eating options.

Camden Market

Camden Market is the hub of the most versatile foods. There are many foods stands in Camden Market which offers delicious yet affordable food options. Some of the best stalls are Vburger, Maize Blaze and Magic Falafel. If you are an international student, then the chances are that you will be able to find a stall with your local food.

Pizza Express with o2 discount

There is a discount on 2 main courses at Pizza Express. You can get two main courses for just £10. If you live by o2, then you should avail of this offer.

Brew Dog

Brew Dog is ideal for pizzas, burgers, and wine exactly like do my assignment that hundreds of students order every day. They offer student discounts on all their items; £10 for students. They also offer free pints to students on a regular basis and also let you send a free postcard to your friend who lives in another city or country.


Nando's doesn't offer any discounts, but their food is itself pretty affordable. Their chicken dishes are very popular among all chicken lovers.


This fast-food chain is perfect for a quick burger, fries or nuggets fix. Their food items are themselves pretty cheap, but they also put-up amazing offers like getting an extra cheeseburger, McFlurry or mayo chicken. There are so many McDonald's branches in the UK that you can get cheap food from every corner.

Las Iguanas

This restaurant offers scrumptious Latin American dishes and drinks. They offer 40% off on food and 25% on drinks. It is a high street restaurant which is perfect for anyone who wants to treat himself or their friends on a budget.

Shake shack

Burgers and other fast-food items are available at affordable prices at Shake shack. Here, when you buy one burger, you will get one burger free. They use local products to give benefit the economy and local producers. They are always offering one or another deal on their items, so be sure to check them.

Andu Café

If you are a fan of trying new cuisines, then Andu Café is a must because it is an Ethiopian restaurant that serves authentic Ethiopian recipes. You can get the most delicious food at the cheapest rates (as low as £5). Apart from this, the food is healthy and home-cooked with a limited variety.


This is a Mexican food restaurant, and you can visit it to have a different kind of dinner or lunch than usual. Here you will find authentic Mexican dishes like Fajitas, tortillas and salsa. They offer a special discount for students if the student shows their cards, they will get 25% off on the entire bill. They also have amazing Mexican drinks which you can enjoy.

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is not a restaurant or food stall. Instead, it is an app that helps people on a budget to find the cheapest yet good restaurants near them. The way these app works is that cooks offer their surplus food at a discounted rate at the end of the day to avoid wasting food. This way you can get good food at good rates.


Hopefully, after reading this blog, your UK student life will become a bit easier. Having a list of good restaurants which offer good prices is a blessing in disguise because it will help you in saving money. So, if you want a fancy dinner or fancy something light to eat, then the key to finding the perfect eating place is not just rating or menu items. Instead, it is all about what you can get at good prices.

Finally, you should always remember that there is nothing wrong with trying to save some money and eating from small places. All that should matter is that the food is good and healthy.

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