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Welcome to the PCE webfolio for all mentors in the post-compulsory sector supporting a University of Wolverhampton student teacher. We'd like to thank you for taking on this valuable role.

This webfolio is intended to act as a resource to disseminate information, documentation and ideas.

Who are you mentoring?

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There are 3 routes students can select when enrolling on a PCE teaching course. Each is slightly different; as is the role of their mentor. You need to know which route your mentee is taking in order to support them fully.

For an overview of the role please select the page relevant to route your mentee is taking to achieve their qualification:


  • PGCE student (Full-time route, studying at University)


  • CERT ED/PROF GRAD student (Part-time route studying at one of our partner colleges)


  • GTA (The Graduate Teaching Assistant is a 2 year route studying at University)

More detail on each route can be found further down this page.

Advice and guidance for the mentoring role can be found on the pages within this webfolio. Briefing sessions to help you in your role will be offered at the university and the dates for these sessions will be published below.

Mentor Briefings will be held in MSTeams and be available to view here. 

PGCE mentor briefing

GTA mentor briefing.

Please note: Cert Ed/Prof Grad mentors will attend a briefing arranged by the partner college.






What do our mentors say?

Full-time PGCE student teacher (please see page titled 'PGCE full-time route')

Students on this route are enrolled on the pre-service PGCE (PCE). They attend blended learning sessions at university on Monday, Wednesday and Friday  and complete their teaching practice in placement on Tuesdays and Thursdays (this may be virtual or class based teaching as advised by individual placements). Over the course of the one year programme they will be expected to achieve 120 teaching hours.

The academic year 2020-2021 is going to be very different due to COVID 19 and the need to protect staff and students. At present we are not able to confirm placement start dates or when block placement will be. Please be assured that we will keep you posted with relevant information as soon a we have it. 

Part-time Certificate in Education/Professional Graduate Cert Ed (please see page titled 'Part-time Cert Ed/Prof Grad route')

Students on this route attend the  teacher education course within one of our partner colleges. They attend placement within your organisation to complete their Professional Development units that for part of the course content in both year one and two. Students may be employed teachers (unqualified) or they may, in a small number of cases, be attending a voluntary placement. The student teacher is expected to complete a minimum of 75 hours teaching practice per year. Teaching practice will be arranged by the relevant placement in line with Public Health England advice, the student teacher and their mentors. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) route (please see page 'GTA route')

Your student teacher has been selected to be a paid employee of the university. They will complete the PGCE course over two years and attend teacher education classes (blended learning model) one day per week. The rest of the week GTA student teachers will be working with students gaining teaching experience. They are expected to complete 120 hours teaching practice over the two year programme. 

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